We are stronger together

A true partner in shaping your financial plan and taking it to the next level.


Plans and strategies are only as good as the clarity of the goals they aim to serve.   

A Five Star award winning wealth manager with extremely high client loyalty and retention, Letitia has mastered the familiar aspects of wealth advising.  What elevates her and sets her apart is her unique ability to relate to clients at all levels on their financial journeys. 

Might you be a mid-career employee considering becoming a freelancer or entrepreneur?

Are you a young professional wondering if you’ll ever be able to buy a home or send your kids to college?

Are you at a pivotal crossroads in your life – divorce, job loss, inheritance, new business opportunity – and unsure how to navigate your assets?

 Assessing whether your retirement assets will support the lifestyle you want and the legacy you hope to leave?


Letitia strength is to listen carefully and draw out a vision that drives a truly customized plan for financial independence along with strategies to achieve it.

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Bright Perspective

 Women’s wealth is accelerating more rapidly than overall global growth rates, as they acquire assets through inheritance, divorce, and running their own successful businesses.


As a professional woman, accomplished speaker and a mom, Letitia’s relatable style and outlook help others address their financial priorities.   She has been a speaker at  RIA West Investment Forum, IMN's Opportunity Zones Forum and The Real Estate Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum.

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Community Driven

Letitia’s strong belief in giving back and getting personally involved in the community is evident in her community engagement efforts.  Even as more women are attaining wealth, there are proportionally fewer female financial advisors. 


She is an active member of the Orange County Emerging Leader United Council, the Orange County United Way Women’s Leadership Council, the Financial Planning Association, The Elite OC, and the Irvine Chamber of Commerce & USA Olympic Volleyball Board Member.


Share to Shine

Letitia truly values the lessons learned from so many incredible mentors. The deep competency and confidence this instilled has not only created incredible opportunities, but also inspires her to share her knowledge and experiences with others.  


As a woman charting a successful path in a male-dominated field, Letitia offers a unique perspective and prioritizes education as a way to share her insights.

Speaking Engagements