Just because you work out a lot doesn’t mean you’re healthy. And just because you work a lot doesn’t mean you’re wealthy. Balance is key.

Is your financial plan supporting your lifestyle while also offering protection for emergencies? Do you panic sell when the market dips, and regret it later when it improves? Investing in the market, as with life, is a journey. To get through successfully, it takes articulation, planning, oversight, and, sometimes, a great coach to help you navigate.

Where are you at in your journey now? Where do you want to be? At this rate, are you going to end in a destination you want?

Tish can help you answer those questions and make a solid plan for a fruitful destination. But she doesn’t just stop there. Like a good coach, she utilizes a full 360-degree approach. Whether you need a plan for your children’s education, that lake house in Michigan, or a solid estate plan, Tish can navigate you towards your goal.

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