October 13, 2022

Bart Zandbergen and Letitia Berbaum Discuss the Meaning of True Wealth

Host Bart Zandbergen was joined in the studio by Zandbergen Group partner, Letitia Berbaum. In this special episode, the duo discusses the 8 tenants of True Wealth including Health, Family and Friends, Spirituality, Service, Legacy, Peace, Finances, and “The Invisibles.” Sharing with listeners what these tenants mean to them and how they are incorporated into their practice, Bart and Letitia also share some of their personal experiences that led them to define this True Wealth approach.

In this episode learn:

– How The Zandbergen Group Defines True Wealth
– What the 8 tenants of True Wealth are
– Why True Wealth is vital for achieving financial freedom and fulfillment
– How a shift in perspective and a smart strategy can help you achieve True Wealth


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