Letitia Berbaum meeting wtih woman in conference room

Vision Planning

We start with holistic financial planning to create your roadmap with a step-by-step process that supports achieving your long-term goals. Some of the questions we help address are:

  • How soon can you retire?
  • Are you on track in reaching your financial goals?

Risk Management

There is an inherent risk with investing. Understanding your personal risk tolerance is important with the overalll investment strategy to ensure your investments are aligned with your short and long-term objectives. Some questions to consider when navigating risk include:

  • Are there investments at a risk level you are comfortable with?
  • How much time do you have until you need to take income from your investments?
  • Are your loved ones protected in case something happens to you?
Letitia Berbaum at counter

Wealth Transfer

Whatever stage you are in, we focus on creating wealth management plans that provide financial security and freedom so you can enjoy your life fully. Whether your priority is to spend with your family, start a business, retire comfortably, engage philanthropically or transfer wealth to your children, we strive to assist you in achieving your goals.