Cash is King: How to Build Your Emergency Funds and Short-term Savings

At any stage of life, having an emergency fund in place can offer peace of mind and the resources you may need in the event of a sudden, unexpected event. An emergency fund is essentially cash you have saved that would cover a minimum of three to six months of living expenses. As interest rates […]

Planning Your Estate: How a True Wealth Financial Binder Can Help

Recently, I’ve found myself and many of my clients watching our parents’ age. Along with that, we’ve seen the struggle that can ensue when they are trying to manage their affairs. If your parents are beginning to need a little more support around the house like mine are, you might also want to think about […]

Four Strategies Investors Can’t Ignore During Market Turbulence

stylus on trending stock graphs

As the stock market remains more volatile than most investors would like, many are wondering how they should handle their portfolios. “Should I sell?” “How long can I sustain this unpredictability?” Here are a few things that I share with my clients, particularly the ones with the goal of investing and saving for retirement: Markets […]

Reflections In Quarantine, Part 2

In this episode listen to Letitia and Bart discuss: – How creating new fitness routines has been essential for overall wellness – Why taking a balanced approach to nutrition is vital right now to beat or delete the “Quarantine 15”– How COVID is making many of us reevaluate friendships and relationships with others in general […]

Reflections In Quarantine, Part 1

Host Bart Zandbergen was joined in the virtual studio by co-host Letitia Berbaum for a candid conversation about life in quarantine. In this episode the dynamic duo discuss their changes in routine, areas they have discovered a new found appreciation for in their lives and silver linings that have risen to the surface. They also […]

GameStop Trading Frenzy Reveals Investor Vulnerability

Heads are spinning over the recent fluctuations sparked by new entrants into the stock market and the potential appetite for speculation it displayed. The sudden appearance of millions of new members of the Reddit forum – and the recent GameStop frenzy it appeared to spark – raises some interesting questions around the speculative practices motivated […]

Election- Now What?

Host Bart Zandbergen was joined in the virtual studio by co-host Letitia Berbaum to discuss the post-election climate. While much still remains uncertain about the presidency, the duo discuss the current market activity and their perspective as the transition in power begins to take place. In this episode learn: – The election’s market impact – […]

The Zandbergen Group’s Vision for 2021 and Beyond

Host Bart Zandbergen was joined in the virtual studio by Letitia Berbaum, COO of The Zandbergen Group, to discuss the goals and vision for The Zandbergen Group in a conversation led by publicist Paula Steurer of Sterling Public Relations. Letitia and Bart share with listeners their passion behind developing their firm and how they are […]